Volunteer Responsibilities

As a volunteer, your responsibilities will include:

  • Call the assigned teacher as soon as you receive the confirmation letter and materials.
  • Exchange home, work, cell phone numbers and e-mail addresses with your teacher so you can communicate after the school/work day.
  • Schedule a time with the teacher to make a short observation visit to the classroom.
  • Plan the days and times of your lessons with the teacher at the observation visit or over the phone before the first lesson.
  • Read and sign the Volunteer Conduct Policy. Return the signed portion to the Junior Achievement office.
  • Obtain a class roster from the teacher to fill out nametags and certificates.
  • Discuss class rules, student characteristics and classroom management with the teacher.
  • Arrive on time and provide adequate notice to the teacher if you are unable to attend a scheduled lesson.
  • Prepare lessons as outlined and complete all in a timely manner. Do not allow for more than 1 week to lapse between visits.
  • Be a POSITIVE role model & work with your teacher to create an excellent program to benefit the students!
  • Contact the JA Program Team if you are unable to reach the teacher.
  • Contact the JA Program Team if you are unable to begin or complete your assigned classroom commitment.
  • Contact the JA Program Team to confirm completion of the program.
  • Online Training

    Junior Achievement offers a series of online training videos that are designed to help you prepare and deliver JA programs in your community! Follow the link above to learn more and get started training!

  • FAQ

    What is a Junior Achievement volunteer? How do I participate? What topics will I teach? How much time is required of me? Find the answers to these questions and more at out volunteer FAQ page!

  • Volunteer Forms

    Interested in volunteering for JA? Please fill out the attached form and submit it to Junior Achievement of the Palm Beaches & Treasure Coast, and we'll start working to pair you with a teacher!

  • Current Needs

    We are always looking for passionate and dedicated volunteers! Please follow the link above to view specific volunteer needs. If you see a school or opening that is a good match, you can find teacher contact information on this page!