Educator Responsibilities

As an educator, your responsibilities will include:

  • Request the desired program through your local JA office by returning the class registration form.
  • Provide your local JA office with a class count, class schedule, and school bell schedule.
  • Call your volunteer as soon as you receive the JA confirmation letter.
  • Exchange home phone numbers and email addresses with your volunteer so that you can communicate after the school/work day.
  • Schedule a time for the volunteer to make a short observation visit to your classroom.
  • Plan the days and times of your lessons with the volunteer at the observation visit or over the phone before the first lesson.
  • Provide a class roster for your volunteer so that he or she can fill out nametags and certificates.
  • Always remain in the classroom when your volunteer is presenting the JA material.
  • Help with activities and maintaining discipline.
  • Notify your volunteer when you will be absent.
  • Work with your volunteer to create an excellent program for the benefit of your students!
  • Provide feedback to your volunteer and the JA staff.
  • Provide recognition for your classroom volunteer.
  • Call the Junior Achievement office at 561.242.9468 if you cannot reach your volunteer.
  • FAQ

    What is Junior Achievement? What will my students get out of this? What age groups does JA Target? What is the teacher's role? Find the answers to these questions and more at out volunteer FAQ page!

  • Programs Overview

    Junior Achievement offers Classroom Based Programs for students in K-12 grades. All programs focus on the skills necessary for students to develop work readiness, financial literacy, and entrepreneurism.

  • Class Requests

    Interested in bringing Junior Achievement to your classroom? Please fill out and submit a class request form as early as possible. After we receive your information, our Program Manager will contact you!

  • JA BizTown

    JA BizTown combines in-class learning with a day-long visit to a fully-interactive, simulated town. The program helps students in fifth and sixth grades connect the dots between what they learn in school and the real world.